Dvd shrink 3.2 problem?

I have been backing up DVDs with DVD decrypter and using DVD shrink for about two years now and I am all of the sudden having a problem with DVD shrink. When I go to “Back up” and start it, it tells me that it is going to take about 200 or so hours to analyze. Does anyone know how I can fix this? It use to take me about an hour to complete. I don’t think I have done anything different with the settings. I have tried to uninstall and reinstall it but that doesn’t work.

This is a software issue, not a hardware issue so this would have been better posted in another forum. But to your question, I’m not sure, maybe it could be related to some of the newer discs’ copyright protection, some of the discs have a bunch of bogus titles. Try ripping one of these problem discs with RipIt4Me and run that through DVD Shrink and see if that helps.

Ok thanks, I will try that. your really on top of things here thanks again :slight_smile:

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