DVD Shrink 3.2 not working with Nero



When I try to shrink a DVD and burn it with Nero, DVD Shrink does the analysis and allows me to select what I want to copy in the full disc mode. When I select backup, Nero is shown as the burning software, and the hard drive is the target but the drive opens. When I close it again and select OK, I get an error message. If I unistall Nero, DVD Shrink will recognize the fact and tell me I need to install it to burn the DVD, but it will then proceed to copy the files to my hard drive. Any suggestions on how to get past this compatibility issue. (When I use Nero by itself to do a DVD Copy if the DVD is less than 4.7 GB and no shrinking is needed, everything works just fine.)


your burner drive should be the target device when trying to burn automatically with Nero. You said the hard drive is the target device.


So if the image is bigger than 4.7GB and it needs to shrink it, you get an error?

If this is the case, is there enough HDD space to store the new DVD-Shrink image?

I am not sure if it uses it but do you have the Nero MPEG2 Encoder? If not try to install that too.


Under Select Backup Target the burner is selected and it shows Burn with Nero. Under thant it shows c:\ as the place to store the temp files. The problem is that when I click backup, the drive opens, so no matter what setings are there, it does not accept it and then I get an error message.


If the disk is smaller than 4.7 I can go directly through Nero with no problems. There is enough hard drive space for the files. Is there a way to burn the 1 DVD onto 2 separate DVDs (1/2 & 1/2) through Nero while bypassing DVD Shrink altogether?


How much free space is there on your HD. Do you only have 1 HD?


what exactly does the error say?


Only one HD. About 11G available.


It’s not an application specific error. When I click OK on the window that defines the drive I get a Microsoft not responding error which only has a bunch of codes, nothing that I can make out.


try to uninstall it and reinstall it, but reboot after uninstalling. See where that takes us.


Deleted DVD Shrink. Rebooted. Reinstalled. Rebooted. Same results.


It might be that the dvd you are trying to back up has region code protection (RCP). Try running your DVD software player for a few seconds before starting DVD Shrink, the computer will remember that the disc is ok as long as you don’t open the tray.
Also, I recommend using DVD Decrypter to burn your DVD after DVD Shrink. Install DVD Decrypter, then in DVD Shrink when you press backup, select ISO Image File and burn with DVD Decrypter. I have found DVD Decrypter to be a more reliable DVD burning program when burning movie-images.


Thanks for your help. DVD Decrypter works. DVD Shrink did what it was supposed to do and then DVD Decrypter opened and I was able to burn the ISO image.


ah yes, I forgot about that rcp crap. I use anydvd so I don’t have to deal with that. That’s a wonderful program, I recommend it. $40 later you don’t ever have to worry about copy protection again hehehe