Dvd shrink 3.2 not ripping alot of movies

is there something i can use with this prog to make it rip alot more moives seems ever moive i put in 3.2 will say it has a protaction or failed to read from disk cycle ruindenyc cehck error i even had old moives not rip with 3.2 and i never had this much problems useing dvd shrink beta 5 and i use dydcypter but it takes freaking forever to rip the whole moive to the hdd then have to shrink it with dvdshrink and also got to have alot of hdd space to do this :frowning:

Try AnyDVD from Slysoft.

Or DVD Decryptor.

Or DVD43 some good free stuff it’s the same like AnyDVD
You’ll get it Here

i have anydvd dosent help shirnk any :frowning: and have dvd decryptor it works fine but it takes so long to use i have to rip the moive to the hdd then shrink it takeing about 45 mins total to do this then burn it and have to have about 15 gigs of hdd space. shrink when it works it only needs 5 gigs and takes about 15 mins to rip

AnyDVD should work it’s magic before DVDshrink gets its VOB data. Is it running and enabled for the “rip” drive? Are all the options for removing copy protection enabled?