Dvd shrink 3.2 help!

ok, i can decrypt the dvds fine, but when i open up the shrink 3.2 program i keep getting an error reading “The Nero serial number has expired. Only the slowest burning speed will be available.” Shrink works perfect until i put in the blank dvd and try to make the backup. How would i go about fixing this problem so i can burn faster? I can fix it by changing the folder that its going into, but it takes days literally to burn it when i do that. I am pretty new to all this stuff so if anyone replies, put it in idiot form so i’ll understand it, haha. thanks a lot.


Try going into shrink preferences file/IO and uncheck burn with nero.

yea it didn’t help it, it starts analyzing and when i look at the estimated time it says like 30 hours. i just got a brand new lap top with a bunch of upgrades and stuff so i know its not my computer.

Seems the problem is that your Nero program is expired…ergo you can’t use it’s full capabilities…burning at a higher speed.

No fear my friend. You don’t need to use Nero to burn. You can use DvdDecrypter to burn. Here’s the process to use when burning a DVD larger that 4.7 gig and requires DVDShrink to compress it to fit your single layer disc.

Step. 1

Re-Rip the DVD using DvdDecrypter in ISO mode. Open Decrypter. Go to “Mode” tab. Choose ISO - Read. Then rip the DVD. The DVD will be ripped in ISO mode (image mode) rather than the File mode which you were doing before. Once done goto step 2.

Step. 2

Use DVDShrink to compress. Go to File…select Open Disc Image. Choose the folder which your ripped ISO files are located on you computer. Click on that file.

Next choose Edit/preferences/File I/O and unchecked enable burning with nero.

Now, you want to creat a new folder where your compressed files produced by DVDShrink will be out-putted.

Hit Backup and DVDShrink will compress your DVD. REMEMBER to choose the destination of the output files as the new folder that you just created.

Step 3.

Now that your DVD has been compress in its own folder. Open up DVDDecrypter again.

Goto Mode/ISO—choose Write. Find the folder where your DVDShrink compressed DVD is located. Click on it. Choose the drive which you want to use to burn. THere will be a tab where you can select write speed. Choose how fast you want to burn.

Click on burn. You are done. Just wait til it’s done. You will be able to burn at max speed.

any advantage to using dvddecrypter instead of dvdshrink for the rip?

None really. Just a matter of preference.

I had to try it again because I dont use the programs that much. Without the nero box being checked it should pop right into decrypter to burn. If there is no disc in the burner it will open the door and sit there and wait for a disc with a message thats it’s waiting. Tried it last night to confirm. After starting shrink it was an automated process right up to it opening the door again with the finished burn. Least that is the way it works here. :slight_smile: