DVD Shrink 3.2 Fails for 1st Time

I have used DVD Shrink 3.2 w/ Nero Reloaded 6.6 to back up my DVD movies for some time now and I recently tried to back-up my LOR: Return of the King. Shrink started copying as normal but couldn’t continue because of encryption. I have not seen this before. Never had a movie which couldn’t be decrypted. Any thoughts here? I have had a few people tell me to use DVD Decypter but doesn’t that mean I have to backup the entire movie which is well over 4.7 G., therefore won’t be able to burn. Shrink handled the compression and was extremely simple to use with a quality back-up produced.

DVD Decryptor will read the data off the DVD and onto your HDD, then you use DVD Shrink to make the image smaller. The advantage is that Decryptor will remove the protection before Shrink makes it smaller & thus does not need to try and read around any protection.

However, saying this I have not yet used Decryptor to read my discs as Shrink has worked every time.

Just out of interest, why do you use 2 programs to shrink the disc down, DVD shrink will recompress and burn for you in one step (except for the problem you have)

No you are right, I only use DVD shrink to do everything, but when you download Shrink it says to also download Nero for the burn portion of the project. Even though it is a one step process I was pretty sure it worked with Nero for the burning process.

Also does that mean that DVD Shrink can compress files as well as compressing straight from the DVD. If so what is the process? Usually for a re-author you select the Title (Main Movie) Track, drag into the project screen, and select or de-select items you want like Dolby 5.1 and Subtitles, etc.

I have also had DVD Shrink not work for decrypting a fiew titles. For those rare occations I also use DVD Decrypter. then I use shrink to do the recoding.

what is the process for doin this?

well have you ever used DVD shrink before? If so just use it as it come installed with all the default settings.

it will ripp your movie in file mode all the contents.

once that is done open shrink and insted of selecting open disc select open files select your movie off your hard drive and you know the rest.

So once DVD Decrypter rips the file to my Hard Drive are my able to then use Shrink to pick just the main movie from the file as I would if it was taking it from the DVD. I usually leave out the menus, subtitles, and extras and only pick the main movie so I get less compression, which usually ends up being close to 4.7 G. From what I read this gives you the best quality, but others could have different results? Thanks for your help

yes once the dvd has been decrypted and to the hard drive you can do exactly as you did before except from teh hard drive insted of from the dvd there is not difference except location and shrink not needing to decrypt at the same time its recoding.

Just a slight clairification. In DVD decrypter click mode>ISO>write. Then notice where and the title of the output iso file. There will be two files written. A large ISO and a small mds (or something close). When using shrink use File>open disk image on the mds file. Then shrink as you normally do :bigsmile:

JoBo :wink:

Joe R: I would be curious to know what the point of using this method would be? Rather then using file mode.

With DVDdecypter you can adjust the retry count and ignore errors if need be on disks that are badly scratched. Shrink gives up real quick on damadged disks. DVDdecyrpter is a better ripper in my optinion and both programs don’t take longer to then shrink alone :bigsmile:

Joe :slight_smile:

that is not what I asked although I agree with all that you say except that using dvd decrypter to decrypt and then shrink the recode would take longer than it would for shrink to do both at once. Not that that maters to me. I was trying to figure out what your reason for using ISO mode for insted of file mode you did sound like you knew about decrypter and it’s different features…? If you make an ISO of a dvd how is shrink going to be able to do anything with it?

It’s the recommended procedure on the FAQ section of the DVDdecrypter site. It also is cleaner, only two files to keep tract of that have the same name as the original dvd. You can also burn with nero or whatever using the iso as long as it will fit on the destination. Other then that I don’t know. It does not take longer and it may be quicker but definetly not longer doing it that way.


Yeah I Realize about the burning and I guess what I ment about the taking more time was that if you are reauthoring, taking just the movie, that decrypting and that step in one would be faster but I shouldn’t even bring this up sense it’s not the topic.

I didn’t realize you could reauthore a ISO in shrink but if thats the case thats interesting.

I could not Shrink or copy with DvDshrink ALI Disc 2 because there was a Overlapping of Disc 1 on to Disc 2 so therefore i had to use Decrypter to rip it to my

I could not Shrink or copy with DvDshrink ALI Disc 2 because there was a Overlapping of Disc 1 on to Disc 2 so therefore i had to use Decrypter to rip it to my

Not sure this will help, but always delete the intro up to the first scene and all the credits at the end as well as only drag chapter #1 and only one audio version.

Never failed yet. Some have had severe problems doing a full back up and also adding menus. The menu and intro may be a trigger a stop the copy process. :confused: :bow:

PS/copying two disks to one is more complicated, Nero can help in this process also.

Ps/ nice tips in this thread/thanks everyone

Hey everyone,

I have had the same problems with DVD Shrink hanging and stalling on a few brand new movies. Sony has come out with a new copy protection called Arccos, basically a new type of bad sector protection. The newest version of AnyDVD from Slysoft ver has the new tools to remove or get around that.

The other movie that I had a real problem with was Little Black Book, and once I had AnyDVD installed and working right DVD Shrink had no problems at all pulling both of them off correctly and shrinking them at the same time, so you do not need to copy it first then compress, with AnyDVD in place Shrink works as normal.

I was able to get my hands on a copy of Forgotton and it was really bad with the “bad sector” message and once again with AnyDVD and Shrink it worked fine.

Well thats my 2 cents good luck everyone out there.

@ dermant

You go around and post same reply so I post same reply to you:

Have you tried the new DVD Decrypter from last week? it is supposed rip these DVDs and it is freeware.

I think that shrink is on it’s last leg…All the problems recently are not your disk/ scratches/ etc… :confused:
We have to realize that there are new copy protections out there and shrink just isn/t doing it any longer…
Either switch programs for now and stop spending countless hours (like I have ) to try and figure out why shrink is not decrypting any longer. We haven’t seen much support but only speculations. I too have used shrink for over a year with no problems… I know its not my drive / I haven’t changed media any no I haven’t reset any parameters. In the long run if You start tweaking around you’ll probably just make it worse!!
I guess patience is our only recourse and hope people new to burning wont get to discouraged.
Yes I have seen all the postings about resident evil/new movies etc… and I too finally succumbed to using pro copy(which did work).I also ran across similar problems with (2 brothers) also universal, and law and order the second season (also universal). First let me tell you what I came across. When I analyzed law and order, it ran fine, however when it went to encode it , I kept getting a copy protect error on each side of the 3 double sided disks I put in. Law and order put 4 episodes on each side. After only selecting episode 1 and 2 it encoded fine. I then went and set up for selecting episodes 3 and 4. Lo and behold at the beginning of each 3rd episode it gave me the copy protection error. I then went into the compression and selected 3 and 4 where I started 3 right after the show monogram begins. It then encoded the shows (3 and 4 ) with no problems. It seems the copy protection was @ the beginning of three. When I went to do 2 brothers it copy protected error at chapter 3 (watched while it was encoding) I skipped around that part and made part 1 start at the beginning of the movie and end @ chapter 2 , then I skipped a few frames and started again into chapter 3 past the copy protection. All went fine until chapter 17 where a second copy protection came up. This is where I left off and hope some of the god’s of shrink might use this info to help us laymen out. It seems they have put 1 or even more copy protection (???) in the disk.