DVD Shrink 3.2 Error



Hi I have been using DVD shrink for a bit now and I have run into a problem. I am trying to back up The Grudge and I am getting an error while it is analysing. it says

DVD Shrink incountered an error and cannot continue

Failed to read file “D:”

Data error (Celyic Redunancy Check)

please help is this a new encryption or what?


It is almost certainly protected by the new Sony Arccos protection. Columbia/Tri-Star is the company that released “The Grudge” and Columbia is owned by Sony. The latest DVD Decrypter will work around it. Just rip it in File mode or ISO mode with DVD Decrypter first and then open the ripped file up with DVD Shrink and proceed as normal.


Hmm! Just tried the DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink combo and the result was not good. Ripped via Decrypter in both file and iso mode, no luck as well. Decrypter settings are “aggressive, detect master errors, etc…” Changing its settings doesn’t appear to help at all. In each case whether the ripped product was via iso or file mode, DVD Shrink would give me “out of memory” errors during the transcoding process.

So far, using VobBlanker latest version also didn’t help. I kept getting the “unsynchronized” error.

I’m going to try the AnyDVD, VobBlanker, and then DVD Shrink,DVD Rebuilder, and CloneDVD combos next. It looks like this thread will be helpful to me and others:

I’ll post back if I have any luck. Oh! I also tried the DVD Decrypter and Nero Recode (latest) combo and got the same “out of memory, buffer overflow, dvd compiling failure, etc… errors,” which I know are the direct results of the new Sony Arccos protection scheme. Damn Sony!!! A person can’t make a legitimate backup anymore.


Well any others? I know there has to be away.


Maybe Vob Blanker could help.
Much invoked here for "unreference materials from Sony


Use default settings in DvdDecrypter Rip in file mode. ISO mode will not work. Rip all files (Not just movie only). Open DVD Shrink and point it to the folder you ripped your files to. All should work great now. I just ripped and burned “The Grudge” last night with no problems using the procedure I just posted. Good luck. Scary movie by the way…freaked me out


yea well I want all the Menus too


Hmm! It seems that some people have succeeded with DVD Decrypter and others haven’t on this movie, The Grudge. I used DVD Decrypter both on normal and aggressive settings with both file and iso modes with no luck. The people who have succeeded with DVD Decrypter may have a copy of the movie that is different than those who haven’t succeeded. Maybe there are variations in the strength of the Sony Arccos protection schemes on this movie. I and many others who haven’t succeeded with DVD Decrypter may have a stronger or more difficult version of this protection scheme. Hmm! Interesting!.

Anyhow. I succeeded with the AnyDVD, VobBlanker, and DVD Shrink way instead. All settings were on default for both AnyDVD and VobBlanker. However, I used the Deep Analysis and enabled Optional Enhancements (Max Sharpness) for DVD Shrink. It took longer about 1hr 39 minutes for the whole process to finish. But, the result was nice. I’m happy with it.

So for those who can’t seem to get this movie to copy using the DVD Decrypter route, try my route instead.

PS: There is nothing wrong with my setup for those that will try to argue that I may not know how to use DVD Decrypter and such! All my hardwares and softwares are updated. Firmwares on my DVD-RWs are all current and functional. UDMA, master, slave, primary, secondary, etc… have been thoroughly checked. Any other technicalities not mentioned for the sake of time have also been checked. Therefore, the reason that I have not succeeded with DVD Decrypter must have something to do with the copy of the movie in my possession. It must have a stronger or slightly different variant of the Sony Arcoos protection scheme on it.


Ok did you have to pay for these programs?


I didn’t have to pay anything for the programs that were used. DVD Shrink and VobBlanker are all freeware. Only AnyDVD is the payware. However, I used the trial version of AnyDVD. Therefore, everything is really free!