DVD Shrink 3.2 error messages

When using DVD Shrink 3.2, I am having problems locating movie files on my hard disk. When I try to open files on my hard drive, DVD shrink says “the file can not be located” Can someone shed some light on why the program can not find files on the hard drive?

What kind of file are you trying to open? The “open files” tab only works for the DVD Files. If you are trying to open an ISO Image then you need to click on File ==> Open Disc Image.

The files are ones downloaded from the Vuze torrent site. right now, I have to convert the files to VOB, burn them, then I can use shrink to convert and burn to nero7 essentials. Can I bypass that step, in essence, I am burning the movies twice, and using up a lot of disks in the process.

Use a program such as AVStoDVD or DVD Flick to convert your .avi files to DVD and then burn with ImgBurn.