DVD Shrink 3.1.2 - creating chapters rather than titles

I have a collection of 5 DVD Bruce Lee martial art movies, and i’d like to use DVD Shrink to remove the fight scenes on these movies, and put all the best fight sequences onto 1 DVD.

I’ve edited some of the fight scenes together using the start/end frames, which creates a title for each fight scene, when they play back, they are fine apart from I cannot jump through the DVD scene to scene, as each scene is a seperate title, is there anyway to set chapters on the titles so you can jump from fight scene to fight scene, all that works now is fast forward, which is frustrating!!!

Thanx for any help.

Do you have separate VOB files for each scene?
If so, or even if not, you can open the files in another program and author a new DVD with chapters where you want them TMPGEnc-Author has a free trial and is very easy to use.


DVD2One will do what you want. It will either add all the sequences together seamlessly, so that they play one after the other, or it will make each sequence a new ‘chapter’ to which you can jump using the remote control.

It will not provide you with a menu though. The DVD will start playing at the first designated extract. If you need to add a menu, then Mr Grimes’s direction is the way to go.


Hello. I just have the same problem but i have found out that TMPGEnc does NOT output the subtitles for a movie. I really need the subtitles and to create chapters after dvdshrink instead of titles. Can you give me any other tips??? And dvd2one also, i cant get anywhere with that…