DVD Shrink 3.0 Beta 3 ::: No Reauthor?



I hit he reauthor button and it just opens the program again in another window so the program is open twice now. Yes I know automatically shrinks now but I am interested more in reauthoring myself. I think something is wrong since I am pretty sure you can reauthor with the beta. Anyone have this problem or am I missing something. thanks



Just drag over the titles u want over to the new re-author window. This was done so you can combine titles from diff dvds…such as flippers


thanks, that is cool I understand that now, but how do you specifically select a section of video you want to strip out from a single VOB file like you used to be able to with DVD Shrink 2.3?

nplayer, nevermind I figured it out. Sorry, it just wasnt as intuitive as the orignal DVD Shrink 2.3 but it is definately better.


Hobbit: They are in the process of tweaking the reauthor interface a bit to make it more intuitive. I’m looking forward to the next the beta.