DVD shrink 2 movies on 1 dvd help needed

I have 2 15 minute cartoons that I already converted into dvd format. the files showed up in dvd shrink so i put them both in. before i burned they were different.

I burned them and it showed both of them. when the dvd was done I stuck it in the dvd player and it was only 15 minutes long and only 1 movie!

I put it in the computer and used Power DVD 6 to play it. sure enough. Only 1 of the movies. I looked in the temp folder it created and all the files i click and open with power dvd show the movie it made except for one of the files which was the 2nd movie.

What am I doing wrong?

it used my nero 6.6 ultra to burn it. (ejected the dvd drive unlike the nero setting but other then that a good burn)

looks like you did something wrong in dvdshrink, try to follow guide on doom9

guides -> dvd/mini dvd -> dvdbackup guides -> dvdshrink -> joining multiple DVD discs to one DVD±R (its on the bottom)

ok i found it at the end. I can skip chapters but i can’t chapter to the next movie, then the chapters start again.

how do i create a menu for the 2 movies?

If you want to create a menu then dvd shrink is not the right software. You must use a DVD authoring software like TMPGEnc DVD Author or Nero VisionExpress.

DVD-lab is probably my favorite authoring program.