DVD Shrink 2.3 : File is Missing

Can somebody please help me, I am trying to make a backup copy of the region 1 version of ‘The 6th Day’. I brought this DVD not realising it had RCE protection.

Using a Pioneer 105 drive (firmware 1.30) and DVD decryptor version, I have selected file mode and all files to rip the DVD to the hard drive.

Once completed I have tried to use DVD shrink to fit the files onto one disk. However when I select the the VIDEO_TS.IFO file I get the following error message :

DVD shrink encountered an error and cannot continue this operation.

File doesn’t exist

The reason is : The system cannot find the file specified.

When I check all the files on the hard drive it appears that the file VIDEO_TS.VOB has not been created, even though this file was selected. However PowerDVD XP will play the film from the hard drive okay

Further Info :
Operating System - Windows XP PRO + SP1
Motherboard - MSI KT4 ULTRA
Processor - AMD Atholon XP2000+

I hope someone can help me with this as it is driving me absolutely crazy, trying to work out what is going wrong. Is it something I am doing wrong i.e. a setting that needs changing or is this a bug ?.

At Last I have managed to find the problem it appears that DVD Decryptor has renamed some of the VOB files therefore DVD Shrink cannot find them. i.e.

It has renamed the file VIDEO_TS.VOB to VIDEO_TS_1.VOB and VTS_01_0.VOB to VTS_01_MENU_1.VOB and so on.

I have manually renamed all these files and everything seems to work fine and the burnt DVD now works in my stand alone DVD player (Unlike the original!) .

Does anybody know if there is a setting in DVD decryptor that causes this to happen or is this a bug ?. :confused:

That’s funny, I’ve never encountered this problem. Are you sure there isn’t already a VIDEO_TS.VOB file in the same folder before you ripped?

Hi Stoner, no when I carried out the RIP I created a new folder to put the files in, so it was definitely empty. In total I had to rename 9 files before I could get DVD shrink to work. All of the files had been renamed in the same way i.e. the word MENU_1 was added instead of _0. Therefore VTS_01_0.VOB became VTS_01_MENU_1.VOB

The _1 thing shouldn’t happen w/ default DVD Decrypter settings. You must’ve changed something. For destination, I used semi-automatic and select only the HD and let the program do the rest which is to use the title of the DVD as the folder name.

Thanks Stoner, I will give it another go just out of curiosity. This was the first time I have used DVD Decryptor and it was a fresh install. I will click on the default settings button and leave the destination folder that DVD Decryptor chooses alone, then re-rip the DVD. Will post what happens later.