Dvd shrink & 1clickdvdcopy one only works why?

We just bought a new dvd burner Sony DRU-710A and a new dvd rom sonyDDU1622. I downloaded dvd shrink and used it with nero. I recorded a few differatn disks and had multiple problems. With Verbatim media the first dvd was strange brew. That played fine but locked up in the middle on our toshiba dvd player. I then burned garfield, the quality was much better but it would pause every few seconds. I wanted to rule out media incompatibility, so I tried a trail version on 1clickdvdcopy with dvd43. I burned garfield and the chronicles of riddick with the same verbatim media. The quality is exellent and they played smoothly. Did I do something wrong with dvdshrink? I want to explore all my options before i pay for 1 clickdvdcopy.

Thank you
M. Petersen :confused:

Before deciding, try another option, that is to my opinion is best choice: CloneDVD2 with AnyDVD.

Trials can be downloaded here: www.slysoft.com