DVD Shows 2 Large Titles, which one do you choose?



Hi All,

I have noticed on some recent films, that when I go to back them up, DVDFAB or Clone DVD shows two large Titles.

For example on “The Abyss” one of 2hrs 18 mins and one of 2 hrs 43 mins, how do you know which one to select. When I preview both titles they look the same.

This is not happened just on this movie, I have seen it on others too, which results in me using a dual layer disk to get it all, rather than picking one title and putting it on a single layer.

I suspect one of them is directors comments, but how can you check this?

I thought about looking on the original disk and playing the file names in Power DVD or similar , but of course these are VOBs all of .99GB which does not help identfy the file you want to check.

All replies welcome,



Sometimes you will have the theatrical version and the extended version with scenes that were added. The choice is yours. When viewing with PowerDVD,click on the drive that has the disc. When viewing the movie choose to view details which will display the length of the movie you chose.


powerdvd will display the title number & chapter number that you are viewign, you can also use it’s go to function to look at a specific title, so i’t usually possible to work out what to rip & what not to rip by previewing the disc first.

If you don’t have Dvd software, then most dvd players have an info button which cycles through info like title set number, duration etc.


As the others have said, previewing with WinDVD or PowerDVD is the best way. But often you will find that clicking on the second long title will not change the output size very much (because it is “re-using” the same VOBs), which will let you put both on a SL if you don’t feel like sorting it all out.