DVD shopping

Hello all,

ive been reading these forums and they have helped me out with any media questions but i have a question on where to buy now. i used to just hunt through bestbuys dvd and find yudens and just buy them from there but now when i look i cant find them anymore.

so my question now is what site is best to buy yuden +r from. ive seen some good prices but im not sure what site has the best customer service and reliability. where do the members of cdfreaks buy their disks from? i would be ordering for delivery in the us.

thanks for any help :smiley:

Welcome to CD Freaks, zerolaw :slight_smile:

I’ll just transfer this to the Blank Media forum, where you 'll get more specialist help…

Done: you’re there.

Thanks imkidd :flower: (and welcome, zerolaw :flower: )

Most of the US CDF members use Rima. :slight_smile:

I am one of them. :cool:

thanks for the link i will check that page out =)

and thank you imkidd57 for moving the topic to the right forum