DVD Several Movies?

Hi together,

does anyone know wether there is an option to burn several movies on the same DVDR ? for example in a VCD quality but on a DVDR ? and if not can a normal dvd player for tvs play a dvd when i burn it as data dvd ?

thanks alot :eek:

I use Ulead DVD Movie Factory 5 to import the VIDEO_TS folders, and trim out the commercials or lead-ins or credits, etc. and then set the chapters and make a menu and such and then export the combined movies into one VIDEO_TS folder.

Then I open it in DVD Shrink, tell it to fit it all onto one single-layer DVD and let it do its thing.

Compression may be pretty hardcore, but if you are not that worried about quality, then it should be ok. You could get better results by having it do a deep analysys and setting the other quality enhancement options on, I would think.

This is exactly what I do. I’m able to fit 12 45 minute episodes onto one DVD using this process. The only problem is that my menus aren’t navigatable due to some odd bug or something in Nero Vision.