DVD Settings (Primary + Secondary)

I just bought a new desktop system and it came with a DVD-ROM drive. I also have a BenQ DW1620 which I’ll use as my secondary drive. My question is, how do I set up the DVD-ROM drive as Primary Slave and the BenQ as Secondary Master?

The BenQ is a retail version so it came with the grey ribbon and 80 wire cable. At the moment, I have the ribbon that came with the desktop DVD-ROM being used for both DVD drives. I believe the DVD-ROM is set to Primary Master & the BenQ as Primary Slave. This results in DMA for DVD-ROM and PIO for BenQ, which isn’t good at all!!!

I don’t have the 80 wire cable connected to the BenQ and was wondering if this should be connected or not?? Any help with my situation will be greatly appreciated. :bow:

assuming your original setup has one hard drive and the lone dvd-rom drive, make sure that you have both optical drives on the same ide channel(secondary) and leave the hard drive by itself on the primary ide channel. it is preferable to have the dw1620 as the secondary master and the dvd rom as secondary slave even if you have to swap drive bays.

I agree. My BenQ is picky and likes to be on master. Also you need to fix the UDMA issue. Congrats on the new pc.

Thx for the reply jimmy. My original setup did come with one HDD and the DVD-ROM drive. My question is, since both optical drives are currently on the Primary IDE Channel, how would I switch them over to Secondary? This is my first time doing this setup, so not sure what to do at the moment. Besides, I rather not physically switch both drives, but if I have to then I will.

Edit: I’m not sure, but it seems the HDD is on the Secondary IDE channel…

do you have a serial ata hard drive??? if you dont than the hard drive should already be on the primary ide channel.

Yeah, I have a Seagate S-ATA HDD.

okay!!! then it is better to leave the dvd-rom on the primary ide channel. my current setup is a dw1620 as primary master and a ldw811s as the primary slave with nothing on the secondary channel - no problems. since they supplied a cable i would try the dw1620 as the secondary master, with each drive on its own ide channel. never tried this before myself but i dont see why it wont work.that might clear up the dma issues as well.