DVD Set Up?

Hey Guys, I just picked up a Sony DRU-120C DVD and have a few questions on how to properly set it up.

I currently have a Lite-On LTR 52327S CD-RW and want to add the Sony.

1st : Which drive should be set as master and which should be slave.

2nd: Which drive should be on the primary with the HDD or secondary ide connector.

Im pretty clueless as to the configuration, meaning how to set up for fast quality burns or to be able to burn directly form drive to drive. Any help would really be appreciated.

Im not a computer tech, but Im not lost when I look inside the case.

I have an Asus A8V Deluxe Mobo
AMD Athlon 64 3200 Socket 939
1 Gig Memory
Asus A9550 128mb card


Sorry if this should be in the newbie forum

You should have two IDE connectors, use the #1 for the hdd and the #2 for the two optical drives. With one drive being a DVD and the other a CD you are only going to be able to copy from CD to CD, if you wish to do this make the faster reading drive the master. You will attach the middle connector of the IDE cable to the slave unit, you will also need to change the jumper on the rear of the slave drive to the slave position, there should be a diagram on the drive.

After looking at what I wrote very early this morning I realized that it would have been clearer if I had said “you should have two IDE connectors [B]on the motherboard[/B]”…

Thanks for the help dc3

Also what about DMA modes will they
auto set ?