DVD Set top that plays XVID?



Just wondering if anyone had a reccomendation on a set top dvd player i could buy for cheap that plays dvds. I know a lot of the cheapers models plays a lot of different formats, but im trying to find a cheap one that i could get that plays XVID files.

Any suggestions?




Don’t buy a cheap player, you will have problems and later regretting not investing a little more.

Idea: Pioneer DV-470. Have a look: http://www.pioneer.co.uk/uk/product_detail.jsp?product_id=8569&taxonomy_id=62-84


Interesting one, Alex… do you know if it is multi-region or can be made with
some trick?

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It depends where you buy it. Even in Europe in some countries one firm sells region free players, the other region set ones. So, you always have to check it.

Yes, it can be made region free, but the procedure is quite difficult, though manageable (http://www.videohelp.com/dvdhacks.php?select=Pioneer+DV-470).


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so i figure that plays XVID even though it doesn’t say? Is there something to look for on a DVD player to know, since a lot of them dont put XVID under the supported format section. Or is that what it is when it says Divx? I did a quick search on the web, there isn’t anywhere that sells it that its available, any alternatives? Would rather a site based in the US if possible. I could possibly ive with a cheap one, only because this wont be my main DVD player, just one to play XVIDS. I would assume that i could just burn a DVD+R full of XVIDS and play them like that.

Sorry im new to all this, lol



Well, it is not clear from the manual:

However, I have found a french site (edit: found also some other italian sites now) saying that it is also XviD-capable… :slight_smile:



Well, if you’re going for a PAL I’d suggest Pioneer DV-575.
It uses the Mediatek 1389EE-chip which offers QPel support and GMC (DivX only) and offers very good features at an affordable price.
Cheap players often use the ESS Vibratio II-chip which offers less features and lacks QPel and GMC support.


Wow DiiZzY, I’m very happy to hear that, since I’ve ordered a DV-575-A-S today!
I couldn’t resist to a player which plays DVD-Audio, SACD and DivX at the same time!

And I know the Mediatek chipset since it is used also in my cheapo Amstrad DX-3016…

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I have myself a DV-575A. The choice was made based upon my personal experience with players and on the opinions of users.

What concerns DV-575A:

  1. Rating compared to other players: http://forum.surdvd.com/viewtopic.php?t=29726
  2. Test results (DVD, DivX, Xvid): http://forum.surdvd.com/viewtopic.php?t=30387


btw, there’s a firmware upgrade available which enables support for subtitles with DivX/XviD content.


A lot of informations… thanks guys! :bow:

I can’t wait for my player to arrive. :stuck_out_tongue:



any reccomendations for a plyer that supports divx and xvid that is availiable in the US?