DVD sector scrambling

i checked out the ecma-267 specification. 35th page refers about the sector scrambling of dvds. is there a code implementing the dvd sector scrambling (like the very usefull one by spath for the cd).
now i think this may be answered before

  1. is weak sectors possible in dvds
  2. if not why

They are possible and there are some on safedisc DVDs, contained in the 00000001.TMP file. When this file is burnt to a DVD it produces a bunch on PI failures.

thank u docdocdoc.
btw ne chance u can give me that safedisc 0000001.tmp file cos i tried and it seems i cant get ne safedisc protected dvds in my country

I don’t think that safedisc DVD protection is based on weak sectors, I checked a few safedisc DVD there were no bad sector after burning.


ok oliver
i was asking is there a possibility of weak sectors in a DVD.

Some info about sector scrambling on DVD:


According to it, each sector is XORed with a different pattern, depending on the sector number. This makes creation of DVD weak sectors much more difficult, but again not impossible.

BTW here are some old scans of a (failed of course) copy of a safedisc DVD (POP warrior within - safedisc 4.00.001) on a DVD-R.

Thank you docdocdoc
I will look into the link u provided n will post if i could write up some code upon that.
btw could u send me that 000001.tmp file (safedisc) u were talkin bout.

Apart from that yahoooo! the english r playin well in the ashes!

For the official specifications check this instead :

I’ve sent you the file by PM.