DVD Scratched Whilst Copying?

Hi, Ok im not sure if this is a wind up. I suspect it is, and also belive that anything is possiable. A college of mine mentioned in a recent conversation that an origional DVD may become scratched while being copyed due to the protecting encryption interferring with the burners firmware. Is this total bolloxs or do some conflicts and damage to origional DVDs occur ? If anyone has ever hear of this or has had it happen to them please reply.

he`s eather puling your leg or talking out of his rectum, if you have a disc that the reader is struggling to read ie: making unusual noise then that might cause some damage but i have never had a problem backing up my dvd colection.

ask your buddy if he ever actually seen that happen or just heard of it!! Bet he says just heard of that! :eek:


It won’t scratch the disc - but it will put big bubbles in the dye - which may cause your disc to explode on spinup …:wink:



i have never heard of a ttepted copy damaging the drive, i one have seen a waring on a disc saying that they wernt responsible if it scewed up your drive whilst trying to copy it, so i put it in my chepest reader, the only protection it had was bad sectors, copied fine.

ben :slight_smile: