Dvd scraches


Most of my burned dvd media get scrached because I got kids using PS2 and dvd player. Is there some kind of coating or anything to protect newly burned dvd from scraches?

I also noticed that while lightly scrached dvd media can be read ok, they are very difficult to copy from to make another dvd disc, at least nero express can’t copy from them. Is there another software that are more forgiving when copying from scrached dvds?

No there’s no such coating you can apply to a DVD, but you can buy special scratch resistant a.k.a. hard coat protected DVDs.

Some examples:

Hard Coat Protection 8x DVD-R media
MediDisc 8x DVD-R
Archival Grade / UltraLife 8x DVD-R

ScratchProof 16x DVD+R
ScratchProof 16x DVD-R
ScratchProof 8x DVD+R
ScratchProof 8x DVD-R


This is not a matter of software, but a matter of the drive that is used for this job. Good readers are Liteon and recent Samsung DVDRW drives.

You might also note, that Windows sets the drive to PIO mode if there are too much read errors because of the bad disc.