Dvd SATA + MSI k7n2 lsr

I Can not install my new dvd sata in this mobo.

I already have installed a sata disc in port sata1 with XP SP2, in raid 0 with the promise 376/378 controller.

i cannot disable the raid in order to use the ports sata1 anda sata2 standalone mode.

Some idea??

Thanks a lot.


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If the mainboard has not another sata controller separate from the one you are using for the RAID system, in my opinion the only options are a PCI card (be careful because not all cards are compatible with optical drives) or change your drive with an IDE one.

Here is the specifications.



Do you mean that you have a SATA HD in RAID with a PATA (IDE) HD on the Promise controller? I don’t think this old Promise 376/378 chip is compatible with Optical Drives anyway, so you may be out of luck here.


You have no choice but to settle for an EIDE (PATA) optical drive. That nForce2 motherboard does not have native SATA support (which means that all SATA support is through a third-party chipset which uses SCSI drivers). Additionally, the Promise PATA and SATA chipsets do not properly support optical drives; they are designed strictly for hard drives.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the bad news…

Where this that information??

More thanks…

Most of the information is in the specifications for your motherboard. Note that the nForce2 MCP2/MCP2-T only mentions Ultra ATA/133 and makes no mention of SATA, and that SATA support (specifically, an onboard PCI-based SATA controller card) on the motherboard is optional. (Your motherboard was manufactured before NVIDIA introduced new versions of the nForce2 MCP which natively support SATA.) And my experience with Promise Ultra ATA chipsets on separate PCI cards showed that none of my optical drives worked properly when run off of those cards.

Thanks for your time and information.