DVD SANTA! is it my pc or prgm?

Hey all, im new to this forum, glad to see their is a huge one like this :wink: . Ok i have a issue with dvd santa, for some reason when i try to add my AVI files to it to copy them to VOB, it just crashes and i get the error box up and report it etc. is it somthing i need to install to make it not crash? or is their another prgm that i can use to rip video files to vob along with straight dvd to vob

thank you.

You can use instead of dvdsanta, divxtodvd or avi2dvd.

hay man, i just unistalled the divx codec bundle along with some other codec i had and it solved the issue, although it said it would take over 3 hours to convert a AVI file running at 1.55 mins to VOB. is that normal? also can VOB files play in real player? at all cause i thought ill test it and all i got was the sound. i can still play avi in real player.