DVD Santa - Errors

Hi, I am using DVD Santa and there are some AVI files which always work and some which always error - saying the programme has encountered an error and needs to close. All AVIs play fine on my PC and I can’t work out how they are different when I’m trying to convert them.

Is there a simple answer?


Not sure but it could be because of your ram. If there the avi file you are trying to convert is a large file, it may take up more ram than if you are converting a small file, and when your computer is using 100% of its ram, the program usually crashes. Try closing some processes that arnt importaint (anti virus etc.) and try again.

Hi - thanks for the response. - really appreciated. I’ve closed most of the unecessary processes but still the same problem. Interestingly, it’s happy to covert a film but not a 40 minute tv program?


I had a similar problem and found I needed to load the XviD codec. Once I did that, no more DVD-Santa crashes/ They played on the computer before, but DVD Santa didnt like them. Use Gspot and check, you will see that the ones that crash are XviD. (Hopefully)


For some reason, and I learnt the hard way, DVDsanta will crash if you don’t have the correct codec’s installed on your machine. If it can’t function, that’s all fine and dandy, but it would make sense to at least give you an error msg or log informing you of the problem.

But ya, I’d says you don’t have the right codec.