Dvd santa error



can anybody shed any light on best program to convert svcd to dvd easily?
I have tried dvd santa and all I am getting is black screen with sound after converting :sad:
thanks in advance for your suggestions and advice :clap:


come on guys someone must know something!!! :frowning:


Try VSO software “convertxtodvd”…its like DVDSanta but has more features. Plus, there is more support for this program in these forums than dvdsanta.

That’s all the help I can give.


Yes while ConvertXtoDVD is great and I love it and it is the best. I also use 007 DVD Creator. The only reason I use it is cause I was burning a movie (avi) to a dvd using ConvertXtoDVD and I noticed when I poped it into my DVD player the quilty was crap. So I started to think well it is the movie (avi). I went backed and watched it. Quilty was great. So I started to look for another Avi to DVD program. I found 007 DVD Creator and tried it out. The quilty was better I think for one reason. It is has a option for more quilty. It takes about 1 hour and 15 mins for me. Here is a screen shot of the program.


The 007 suport subtitles like dvd santa??