DVD Santa distorted audio

I use DVD Santa to convert AVI to DVD format and then burn a DVD and does a great job most the time. I have run into one AVI recently that plays ok, video and audio on my computer, but when converted and burned with DVD Santa the audio sounds like somebody running an audio tape fast forward (high pistch squeaky, unintelligable) faintly in the back ground. There is no intelligable audio of any type.

According to gspot the audio codec is “0x0055(MP3) ID’d as MPEG-1 Layer 3” and the video codec is “xvid”. Which is the same as a lot of the AVI files I have converted without a problem. This was labeled as a “private screening” and I wonder if there is some sort of encryption that might come in to play when the conversion is made? The fact that this is the only AVI I have a problem with has me scratching my head and wondering how to solve this problem.