DVD Santa convertion - movie upside down

I have used DVD Santa for sometime to convert avi etc to DVD without any problems, but the last two times I converted, the movie came out upside down even though the avi was ok. :bow:

Did you perhaps your desktop resolution or refresh rate? If you did, then try returning them to their original values.

How do I do that

No way, only some video settings were altered in your OS setup.

Thanks for your reply. How do I correct the video settings. The recording quality is great - only the movie is upside down.

Set the video settings back to the standards in the prefs.

Hello, I have sort of the same problem only slightly different. I’m using Sonic MyDVD and I’m trying to burn some of my favourite tv shows onto the dvd. I have done this before with some success, actually I’m starting to think that sonic has more problems than it’s actually worth. I had gotten into a groove where I was burn fine, but now the video on the past two dvd movies is upside down. When I try to preview the dvd before I burn it, it looks fine, but after I burn it the video is upside down. Is there anyway to fix the dvd’s that I have already burned? Is there a way to fix this problem and prevent it from happening in the future?

I don’t know if this have anything to do with it, but I recently have to download a few different codec, because some of my audio wasn’t working properly, could this have had anything to do with it?

No, only if you have used RWs.

I tried to find out how to set the video settings back to the standards in the prefs but didn’t find any good source for that information. Can you please advise me regarding that. Thanks

There is such a bug in DivX, which could have issued that problem here.

But normally you should look into your gfx card driver prefs settings and set the overlay and gamma settings to default.