DVD Santa contains virus



I have been using DVD Santa 3.41,3.44,and then 3.45.It happens to be an easy to use encoding and burning program.However,somewhere along the line,one of these versions that I picked up on one of the filesharing sites ,had what seems to be a timed delayed virus.I have lost all executable files on my F partition of my drive where I keep all my burning and gaming software.Now after uninstalling DVD Santa I am unable to reinstall any version of DVD Santa getting the message,
‘’ An error occured while trying to rename a file in the destination directory.MoveFile failed;code 5.Access is denied’’.I even tried to install the trial version of DVD Santa 4.0 and have the same problem.I had someone send me a DVD Santa .exe file,and Mcafee always rejects the file saying that it contains the virus W32/sdbot worm.gen.t. I know of one other person who has the same problem.I would like to purchase the software,but if I can’t install their trial version I won’t be able to install the purchased copy either.Any one have any ideas besides formatting? Thanks


The cure is not to download stuff illegally from filesharing sites…