Dvd santa burning problem

i have traveled through siber space, looking for someone to tell me what this is. first, when i try to burn a movie. i get this error message. error trace key,asc,ascq,asclen,=3,2,0,a. and when i closes it, the program shut down, and eject the dvd. the dvd is parctialy used, and can not be used again. and some time i get this message. unable to open video stream. when i get this message. i can encode the movie but it will not copy all of the movie. can you please tell me what this is,and how to fix it. by the way i use dvdsanta. and ashampoo 7.:confused::confused::confused::confused::confused:

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Hi. I have had the same problem, it is now solved. However based on the many problems I have seen with burning from DVD Santa in general I can only say that DON’T USE DVD SANTA FOR BURNING DVD’s. It is a great and easy to use tool for converting files but it is failing too often when burning thereby cost you a small fortune in unusable DVD R disk’s. Personally I am still using DVD Santa, but only for converting. The burning process I am doing with DVDFab Platinum which is far more stable but you can try to download one of the many alternative writing tools on the web. However if you are stuck and dont have an alternative writer and assuming that your DVD drive still can play normal DVD’s (if not it is a hardware failure and u probably need to replace your drive) an easy fix could be to reduce the burning speed to only 1X. This normal works if the problem is that you are using low quality DVD’s (avoid all disk’s from Malaysia and China and use the tool “DVD identifier” to check your disk before buying a whole stack of them because ID’ing a disk is not as easy as it might seem if you don’t have a DVD id tool which is free ware by the way).

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That’s quite an old thread you’ve replied to but there’s some good advice there.

Modern DVD writers can’t burn at single speed though and in any case with modern media that’s unlikely to produce a better result.

Quality wise it’s generally regarded as best to burn at half the rated speed of the media and that’s what I’d recommend if quality is important.

As far as burning software goes ImgBurn is second to none and can also be integrated into DVDFab.

If you haven’t tried it yet I’d highly recommend it as it’s a lot more reliable than the default VSO burning engine supplied with DVDFab and DVDFab’s author advises using ImgBurn instead.



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Wombler’s advise is rock solid as usual :cool:

Since your going with DVDFab(paid version) take Wombler’s suggestion on ImgBurn and look below in my signature you will see a guide called “Setteings” it will provide info on setting up DVDFab and ImgBurn :wink:


OK. Thank you for your comment to my reply Wombler. I did not know that most modern drives can not burn 1x. Mine seems to be able to do so (Its a now 4 years old FUJITSU drive sitting in my HP Pavilion lap top). Anyway again thank you for the update on this.

In addition I have now got hold on ImgBurn and is looking forward to test it. I will let you know how the test went.

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