Dvd santa avi to dvd - movie plays ok on pc, but too close on a normal player?

Ive converted my avi files to a normal dvd using dvd santa, but when played on a normal dvd player, the video has zoomed in far too close on the screen.

I cannot zoom out!

Does anyone know how to solve this? My movie plays correctly on the pc and all divx compatible dvd players ive tried (both the original avi and converted dvd video), just not on my bog standard normal player. This happens regardless of the fact that ive chosen to convert the file as a widescreen or full screen video in dvd santa, and theres no other related options in santa I can see. Can anyone help? This problem seems pretty common as Ive come across it in a few forums, but no one seems to have a real answer. Family vids so using my divx player all the time wont help (im not buying everyone one!), and I dont really want to buy another avi to dvd program :sad:

…thanks very much if anyone can help! :slight_smile:

I think you have chosen a wrong res or the player prefs should be adjusted for the correct output.

i have found Winavi a good program for converting avi’s to dvd, ok, it’s not free, sorry

thanks anyway! I’ve just found avi2dvd, its free but the quality is 100%, simple options to use and I can waste time making a basic menu- much better output than dvd santa :slight_smile: