DVD Sales and VHS sales

I am a student studying in Business studies at college. I am working on a piece of coursework titled "“Does Rising DVD Sales Spell The Death For VHS Videos?” and have had many troubles finding research, about statistics, graphs and general facts about how due to the increase in DVD sales has led to a reduction in VHS sales.

I would be very grateful if anybody could give me a helping hand if you know of any case studies i could use in my project as most replies thati have recieved from businesses such as MVC and HMV is that the information is confidential. If anyone knows of any references to which i could use of facts and information about how the dvd sales are pushing the older VHS videos out of the market i would be very much appreciated.

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Here’s a tip, post the same question at the dvdtalk.com forum and you’ll get a ton of answers. As matter of fact, I think somebody asked that same question a while ago. People around here are stoned half the time.

Well, my take is VHS will eventually die out, but gradually and not as fast as people would think it should be. Even though DVDs have w/o a doubt better video and sound quality, not to mention the chapter menu, there are still millions of people who are afraid of new technology and are reluctant to switch from VHS to DVD. Just like a lot of people are still using Windows 98 instead of WinXP. Or people paying for software to backup their DVDs instead of using free and better ones like DVD Decrpter and DVD Shrink.

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