DVD-S55 incorrect audio

Recently, my S55 started having problems playing certain dvd’s burned with Nero Vision.

I thought the problem was with Nero, but now I’m not so sure as I never changed any Nero settings.

Basically, on dvd’s made from avi’s, etc, I noticed some of them had no body to the sound. Very tinny, like missing a channel with all the mid-range tones.

After trying to burn new copies of the materials, playing with different audio settings, I decided to go back and try to play older recorded material.

They also had the problem…

So then I started messing with the audio settings in the dvd player. No help.

Finally, just to check, I put a commercial dvd in, and the menu audio was tinny, but when I jumped to the movie, the sound there was fine.

Went back to the old recorded dvd, it sounded good.

put in one of the new recorded dvd’s… sound went tinny again. throw in old recorded, sound stays tinny.

I don’t know what’s wrong with the newer recordings, and how they could be screwing up the player’s audio like this… but it also seems the player should be able to recover from this issue.

Any ideas? I’ve tried searching, but I’m not hitting with the terms I’m trying to use.

also figured out that when I try to play things like commentary tracks, it has the same problem. Going to open it up and try doing the head and spindle cleaning thing mentioned in the other posts.

head and spindle cleaning had no effect. Darn it. wish I could figure out what’s going on.

Found out now that any commercial dvd’s that aren’t 5.1 give me the tinny sound too.

Look for audio settings in the player. They usually have settings for down-sampled 2-ch audio. You want max dynamic range, etc. You fail to mention how the player is connected for audio. Anyhow, it sounds like a difference in how the player is handling 2-ch vs 5:1 audio.

I’ll look into it. I hadn’t changed anything (that I know of). But what you are saying is what I kinda suspected.

I’ve been through the settings once, and haven’t hit the key one that would get it back to up to snuff.

Player is connected to amp by a special cable that goes from the six outputs to the db 25 connector on the back of my carter amp

Player is connected to amp by a special cable that goes from the six outputs to the db 25 connector on the back of my carter amp[/QUOTE]

If you’re using multi-channel analog outs then your problem is clearly due to settings. You’re describing different audio quality on 2-ch vs 5:1.

true… now the joy is figuring out what has changed (when I haven’t touched those settngs in years :slight_smile: