DVD-S53 doesn't auto-zoom to fill the screen




I’m having trouble with my new Panasonic DVD-S53 dvd-player, it doesn’t autozoom divx movies to fit the whole screen of my Panasonic TH-37PX80, even those which have the exact same 16:9 aspect ratio as the tv. So I’m left with black edges on every side.
The official manual for the player suggested the following things:

  1. Change the aspect ratio of the tv (not possible to fill the whole screen with any of those options)
  2. Change the “Tv aspect” in dvd VIDEO menu (“16:9 zoom” or any other option does not fix the issue)
  3. Change the zoom setting

There should be a zoom setting of “AUTO”, but the manual says it works with DVD-V, DVD-VR & VCD only. There is no such option when watching Divx movies from DVD-RW or DVD+RW discs. So if I understand this correctly, I can only use the whole screen of my tv when playing those exact formats, anything else and I basically have a tv with a smaller screen.
This really seems like a horrible blunder from Panasonic, but if i have missed something, any help is much appreciated.



And also, can anyone suggest any other forums where this question might be answered ?

Any information appreciated.


You could try AVS
Heres a link to their DVD players forum. I personally don’t use divx but did have a S53 for a while. Not a bad player but I prefer Sonys for players, they have features I’ve become accustomed to that aren’t available on Pannys.