DVD-RWvr 'unfinalized'



I need a drive able to read DVD-RWvr ‘unfinalized’ dvd which my Sony RDR-HXD560 PVR produces in its most versatile HDD to DVD dub mode. Finalizing takes more time than the original ‘dub’ process, and DVD+RWvr seems to have many restrictions for a ‘fast’ dub (at least on the Sony). Will all drives with DVD-RAM compatibility do this?


Do you refer to DVD-R VR??


Not specifically, but I would expect any drive which could read unfinalized -Rvr would also read unfinalized -RWvr format DVD.

Since my initial post I found that I can write/re-write to finalised DVD-RWvr, so providing I use ‘erase’ rather than any ‘reformat’, my current PC rewriter ‘sees’ the DVD, so I can avoid any further finalising time delay. I’d still like to find a PC drive which would see the unfinalized format too.


I think this is driver and software specific. Softwares like Videostudio should recognize such discs and allow you to use the content and/or finalize such discs.