I have an Asus DRW-24B1ST burner. When I use imgburn or Nero to rewrite over them (not always) the disc become unreadable. I’m using up my RW’S fast. Sometimes I can rewrite 10 to 12 times other time 1 and done. If any1 has this drive and uses DVD+RW does this happen to you? Also what brand media do you use? Any ideas or help?

        Thanks, Steve

Rewritable media are known to be not 100% reliable, but they can be used for a long time with some tricks :slight_smile:

I usually do a full erase (I suggest to use ImgBurn because for some reason nero seems not able to erase correctly RW discs :confused: ) before to write data on a RW disc.

Try to do a full erase with ImgBurn and see if this solve :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply; I’ve tried that also with no luck. But the drive has what they call e-hammer that’s used to permanently erase DVD±r’s. I have win7 64. When I installed the dive it just saw it and install it. There was no disc with the drive (Newegg OEM) so I didn’t install the e-hammer and can’t find it anywhere but it acts like it is just permanently erasing it. If I put the disc back in the drive or a different one it won’t see it. My old pioneer dvr 115 would burn these disc 30+ times.
Thank Steve

Probably this e-hammer feature is not related at all with your problem, because +RW discs are different and what it can be applied to +R media not always can be applied to +RW discs too :slight_smile:

My guess is that you got a bad batch of discs, so after few rewritings the disc is already gone.

Can you try to use a new RW disc? I suggest to try a Verbatim, usually these are better quality than most of media available in the market :slight_smile:

When it destroys the disc you can see a different ring in the beginning of the burn on the disc.

[QUOTE=steve61617;2570633]When it destroys the disc you can see a different ring in the beginning of the burn on the disc.[/QUOTE]

I have the same drive that I have taken out and retired it was creating rings
on all of the discs that it burned kind of like cutting grooves in the disc they
still played but all the disc scanned with extremely high PIE totals and looked
awful. It didn’t matter if it was a +R -R or a DVD+RW disc they all came out
looking the same. :eek:

If you have ever seen a old vinyl record then you’ll know what I’m talking about
with the grooves cut into the whole burned part of the disc you can see them in
the disc but can not feel anything where the grooves are. :confused: