DVD-RW's wont read on comp



I recorded a disc on my JVC DRM70S and finalized the disc but it wont read on my computer with Benq 1620 DVD player. The Benq will read anything and the disc finalized plays on both my dvd players so i dont know what the problem is. Can anybody help? Thanks!


You must install DVD-VR software!


Where do I find that?


I was wondering that same thing, so I used google to search. There are a bunch of links from there. Some links explain what it is, some are to download it, and others do both. Here’s one link from my google search. http://www.burnworld.com/dvd/primer/dvdvr.htm
Good Luck!


I can record on my dvd recorder in VR mode, but that doesnt help read it on my computer.


The only thing I can think of is check your device manager and make sure the read and write options are both enabled. Hope this helps!


Well ive never had this problem with DVD-r’s DVD+RW’s DVD+R’s, nor have I had this problem with DVD-R’s recorded from my dvd recorder.


You must install DVD-VR capable software drivers and also finalize that disc.


where do i find dvd-vr software and the discs are finalized


Bump, please help!


I don’t know if BenQ offers such drivers/software for DVD-VR, eg. Pioneer does for their dvd products.
There is also DVD+VR which requires another driver/software to be used.

Some commercial burn-apps come with VR drivers too, eg. from Sonic or BHA, AFAIK.