DVD+RWs flash orange in Sony DRU110A (Ricoh RW5120)

I had a problem a few weeks ago with this drive failing to recognize blanks but I put a previously written DVD+RW I had made with it before and after I read a video from that disc for a little while, it would burn again. I haven’t used it in a while but now I need to make more hard drive space again so I got things in order and went to burning a new disc but the orange light just flashes and Nero tells me to wait until the drive is ready. I was hoping that a firmware upgrade would fix it so I got the newest flash from Sony’s website, 1.92. It seems to have taken the flash correctly but I rebooted and am suffering from the same problem. It will read CDs just fine but it won’t read DVD+RWs or even regular DVD movies, it just flashes the orange light and Nero reports a focus or tracking error. The gradual failure makes me afraid that it’s wearing out but if anyone on this forum could help me give it some new life it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Buy a new drive!

This is a [B]first generation DVD+RW drive[/B] and at least should be cleaned…