Dvd Rw

Hi there. Absolutely new here. I bought a Nec 2510A DVD dual layer player and 5 Verbatim DVD+R 4.7GB RW media disc. I had placed some files on it(backing up some files that is) and then changed my mind and wanted to erased them. I get a message saying ‘the disc is not rewritable and therefore cannot be used, Please insert a rwritable disc’

I thought RW means rewritable? Maybe I’m totally wrong here. Can someone explain in layman terms? Thank you kindly. BTW, I’m using Nero version

5 Verbatim DVD+R 4.7GB RW
Did you buy DVD+R or DVD+RW discs? DVD+RW discs have a black write surface, DVD+R discs a purple one. If it’s black you can erase the discs and re-write them. You can erase the disc with Nero via the Recorder button, Erase ReWriteable disc. You can use either the quick method or the full method.

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The disks could also be blue if they are +R just to add to the rainbow

But yeah in your post you say +R and those aren’t rewritable those are one time only deals.
Whil +RW is as you said rewritable. In addition to Nero’s erase tool almost every burning tool has these erase tools, some can just be a bit more difficult to find.

Thanks for the quick reply guys. I just took another look and saw that it was a dvd +R. Not RW. I assume this because at the bottom it was written RW. So I assumed it was a rewritable disc. Sorry for the confusion. Thanks.

You’re right when you say it’s confusing tiking. DVD+R discs often have the “DVD+ReWriteable” logo on them which states “+RW” because that’s the official logo. See: