OK weird question but …How do I find out what speed my dvd burner is?
My father in law and i bought what I thought was the same burner 1 day apart (good sell) and he says his is 4xR and 2xRW but i can only write a 2x. Is there somewhere here on net i can look? or does some one know what I can do? or is it something I did wrong? Thanks for help


Look in Device Manager for a quick check of what model you have and google what you find. Or if you have Nero just run infotool and check the listing in the drive window.

By the way Am using NERO6.0.0.11 and dvd shrink and decryptor. the only thing nero info tool gives me is dvd-rom read speed at 16x and write speed at n/a

In DVD Decrypter, go into any of the ripping modes and look at what it says in the ‘source’ section. There should be a drop-down selectable list that lists the drive model. Then just go the manufacturers website and look around…