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I received a 5005 and am thus far very pleased with the quality. One great plus is I can view PAL VHS tapes on the NTSC tv by routing the PAL VHS player through the 5005 av input. I am using the Component video output to the tv from the 5005. So far all tapes played display full screen except one which for some reason has the top 1 inch of the screen blank. Maybe a made for UK widescreen t.v. film? I can also record the PAL tapes onto DVD and they play back no problem.

What, apart from price, are the pro’s and con’s of using DVD ‘R’ disks over RW? I bought Maxell RW disks and these work great, they also play great in other DVD players. I have not had to finalise them to get them to play in other DVD players. So, why buy R disks? Is it a cost consideration only?

Cost is a major part plus some players will not play some +RWs, I also find that I have fewer problems making copies from +Rs or -Rs

It seems you are unfamiliar with the difference between RW and R type discs. :rolleyes:

DVD+R and DVD-R are write once discs. This means that you cannot overwrite any written content, however you can keep adding recordings until the disc is full. You can delete recordings, however just note that deleting one or more recordings will not free up space. In order to play these type of discs in any other player, you need to finalise them first. Finalising a disc writes the table of contents to the disc, however once the table of contents is written, you can no longer add any further content to the disc or making modifications to existing content (delete, rename, etc.). These discs cannot be erased either.

DVD-RW is a rewritable disc. When formatted with quick initialisation, it works in the same way as a DVD-R disc (append-only and must be finalised to play elsewhere), however you do have the ability to erase the disc.

DVD+RW is also a rewritable disc, however with this format you can overwrite content, delete content to free up space and play it in other players without finalisation. You can do the same with DVD-RW by formatting it with full initialisation first. :wink:

The main advantage with rewritable (RW) discs over write-once ® discs is that rewritable discs can be erased or overwritten like VHS tapes, where as write-once discs become read-only once recorded, like CD-R’s, printed paper, etc.

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I think one major pitfall not mentioned and you should be awared of is that generally RW media do not last very long. In my experience of about two dozen Ritek DVD+RW, there will be a handful that will develop hard to read sectors after a while. Some discs will become unuseable in a few months. Try keeping a RW recorded disc around for a few month and try to see if you can read it, I think some will give you a nasty surprise.

I don’t think it is the manufacturer of the discs but rather the signal to noise ratio of RW media dye is just so much lower than -R or +R media.

Mmmh Interesting stuff!.
Thanks for that, I’ll also get a pack of R+ in case there is anything I want to keep until I can test the durability of the Maxell RW.