I have a Humax TIVO system and I want to buy DVD-RWs to record some shows. Two problems: I can only find DVD-Rs and I want to know what it means when it also says 1x or 2x or 8x. Which “x” would I need and do you know where I can buy DVD-RWs?


check out www.meritline.com or just google dvd-rws and you will find them they are available all over the place.

The #x means what speed the disc is tested to write at in terms of speed, so a 4x disc will burn faster than a 2x disc and so on, obviously tho your limited by how fast your dvd burner will write also be careful as burning at higher speeds can potentially give u a lwer quality burn.

Certain burners will write discs at faster than the speed recommended on the disc as well, but for that type of thing u will either have to experiment or read other threads depending on your specific dvd burner and the media you are using.

Hope this helps clarify things a little, im still a noob here too :slight_smile:


If you ever look up Meritline on www.resellerratings.com and read the comments from their customers - you would never buy from them - I used to - but after all the bad press - have changed to Rima at www.rima.com - Newegg at www.newegg.com and SuperMediaStore at www.supermediastore.com

Just my $.02-


damn i havent heard anything bad about merit line, just ordered from there last week and they delivered before the weekend, no complaints whatsoever.

What were the problems they were having?


Gave you the link - read it to get the full picture of their customer service and other problems-