DVD+RW won't set booktype to DVD-ROM


Firmware 1.18.[/QUOTE]

Piodata is not Buffalo…

Samsung S203b has been my best reader amoung all my DVD-ROM/RW drives. And I have lots of them from Benq to Lite-On to NEC to Pioneer etc. And I believe it does bitsetting for all +R’s using Imageburn, Nero, etc. However, is not automatic. And overall a good burner with +R media (I don’t use -R media that much).

Hi,[QUOTE=yorkman;1953913]I didn’t say I want DVD-RAM or +R bitsetting. I want bitsetting for +RW and I’ve alredy tried all the hacked firmwares, including Buffalo’s.[/QUOTE]The solution is simple:
Get a Liteon DVD writer additionally. Liteon provides a Book Type utility that allows to change the booktype on +RW discs even after they are written with data.


[QUOTE=chef;1955784]Piodata is not Buffalo…[/QUOTE]

You’re right. I must have been thinking about my Pioneer DVR-111 when I typed Buffalo.