DVD+RW won't recognise blank DVDs... whats wrong?

Hi, bit shocked I don’t know whats up with my drive! Its a _NEC DVD+RW ND-1100A 1.A0

When I insert a blank DVD, nothing happens, its as if nothing is in the drive. Can anyone tell me whats up? My motherboard is ECS K7S5A

Hope this helps :confused:

Hi, used a program called “astra32” and it gives you all system information. Just checked my ide devices:

my cd-rom drive: CD-ROM 40x/AKU

CD-R disc read - Not Supported
CD-RW disc read - Not Supported

sure enough, I can’t load any CD in this drive.

my DVD+RW drive: _NEC DVD+RW ND-1100A 1.A0

DVD-R disc write - Not Supported
DVD-RW disc write - Not Supported

They were all working fine not so long ago, all i can think is that something must have happened after a recent Windows Update.

Any ideas anyone??

Thanks for your time

I had the same thing with my 1100A@1300A, but I could get it to recognise Prodiscr02 after a few ejects & reloads. This only happened recently. It may be getting to the end of its lifespan. :sad:

I was hoping this was more of an IDE issue with my motherboard. the only thing I can think of is a recent MS update that has caused this. ive have old burned 2-3 dvds with my writer, so it can’t be ready for the clappers yard yet!

my nec nd-1100a dvd burner will not recognise blank dvds. I have tried 3 different brands, can you help?

i have NEC 1100 and i use FUJI dvd+r just fine

try going to your motherboard main website and downloading the ide drivers that are ment for your system. if not try to roll back to the default drivers that windows xp has. if thats what your windows os is, which it should be!!!
theres a few reason why it could be not working right. one its just broken so swap that suck for something new nec drives are cheap now you can get a dual layer from newegg.com sometimes for 41 dollars only. just have to keep checking. 2 your not setting up the drive right, some aspi layers are better then others. i personnally go with the neweste nero drivers off www.nero.com 's web site. you just insert into your nero directory and inside windows systems32 folder. it works great for burning xbox games.
if all else is wrong then you can upgrade your firmware. the firmware that you have might not work with the media you have. heres a great link to firmware for alot of drives, but warning most are hacked. though the one i use for my dvd burner is hacked and it works way better then the ones from nec’s offical site. hmm this sit doesnt seem to have firmware for that old of drivers. well you can try the offical nec site im sure they have drivers for that model. i would try the european site since they update firmware faster then the USA. i have used offical firmware but they have a riplock on their drives. so keep in mind that your drive is old so you might as well try to see if you can make it better:) you an use www.dvdinfo.com to test to see what your media is as well as test burns against files in a directory and or iso. great program.

There were some issues with this drive and the firmware it shipped with as it came from dell. First make sure you’re using DVD+R/+RW media…

If so, update the firmware and you should be good to go unless the drive itself is broken.

If it it was a drive shipped as part of a Dell machine, firmware is here: