DVD-RW won't read discs burned on my old PC

Hi all, new to the forum so thought I’d post here first. My problem is that my DVD-RW drive on my new(ish) PC won’t read CD-R/RWs burned on my old PC, all I get is the following message ‘the drive is unreadable and/or corrupted’

system info: Pentium 4/2.8 ghz, Windows XP pro, Pioneer DVR-105.

I understand its something to do with the UDF format the discs were originally written in, and now all I’ve got is five discs of photos I can’t look at!

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Regards, Dazz

If they are in udf you can try nero incd and see if that reads them,they may have aged and are not readable,can you read them in some other drive?
When was the last time you read them?

It may be that if the discs weren’t finalised on the old PC, and they really were -RW (as opposed to +RW), then they won’t be readable.

Hi Guys, thanks for the prompt response. In answer to your questions, I last looked at the discs about two weeks ago on my old pc which used Windows 98se, that pc is currently dead, hence the reason for trying to access them on my new(ish) machine, they were originally written on a Phillips CD burner using ‘packetwriting’ software and they were finalised as well, and finally they’re all CD-R discs.

Regards, Dazz

What you need is a UDF Reader driver. Try this .

Ooops! I obviously can’t read properly late at night :o.

Try Incd you can dl a copy or see TimC link.

Tried the above suggestions to no avail, when I run the UDF reader I get the following message ‘the roxio udf reader has not been detected’ and with InCD I get the following message ‘the registration is out of date’

Regards, Dazz

You can try going to nero and dl the newest incd.