DVD-RW Won't Read Anything



I recently had trouble with my DVD-RW not reading any CDs or DVDs, so I got rid of it and put a LITE-ON DVDRW LH-18A1P in it, and the problem persists.

Either this is a software issue on my PC (Is there some sort of anti-piracy stuff out there that would do this?), or there’s a hardware related issue not involving the DVD-RW itself. I think the former is most likely.

Could someone possibly give me advice?

Thanks in advance.


does the drive show up at all?


Shows up fine. Windows says it’s there.


it might just be me…but have you ran a recent viruis scan…not your regular everyday one you use…but something different…

if so…you might want to uninstal the drive and let windows find it…
and install new drivers… but it sounds like a software issue not the drive itself


I want to know