DVD RW won't open



Hi, I have a Dell Dimension 8400 computer with a Samsung DVD ROM SD 616E reader, and a Philips DVD RW 8631. The Samsung will not open, and when I manually open it and insert a disc, it does not recognize that a disc is there. The Philips will also not open, and when manually opened, it sometimes recognizes a disc, but it will not burn saying that I need to insert a blank disc (the disc is of course blank). These seem to have happened at the same time or at least close together. I have reinstalled drivers for both (from the Dell site), and have replaced the ribbon cable to both. Occasionally a light does come on for the Philips…and when I try to open both of them there is a whirring noise. Any ideas? Thanks for any help!


Try the Fix It tool first at the Microsoft site.

You can go to it by clicking on the link in my signature that says “Microsoft support for optical drives”.


I went to the Microsoft site and used the Fix it tool first on the Samsung. when the program attempted to open the drive to insert readable media, the drive would not open, so I opened it manually and inserted a data disc I have. The fix it tool, did whatever it does and reported the drive as fixed. The Samsung will open now sometimes when the button is pushed, and the rest only manually, but it seemed to read data ok. I then used the Fix it tool on the Philips, which again, the drive would not open to insert readable media, so I opened it manually and inserted the same disc I used as readable media in the Samsung. Fixit did whatever it does, and reported the Philips as not fixed. In the datails it said that the disc was not readable (same disc that the Samsung could read). Also, now with either drive, if I try to open a disc from My Computer, My computer does not respond. Do you think both drives are pooched? Both still appear in my device manager.


How old are the drives? It may be that the laser in one or both have gone.


The drives are both about 5 years old…I was afraid it might be something like that. I just though it was odd that they would both go at the same time. Thanks for your help.