DvD+RW wont erase

This is happening with several “name” brands of dvd+rw==they work fine 4-5 times and then after a recording they will not play the recorded material and they will not erase. Computer gives the message that “there is no media present”. Sometimes I get this error and I press “erase” and the computer will erase the disk and I lose whatever was recorded but the disks are useable. Now they are not.

Is there any way to recover these disks and what “probably” happened? I’m thinking the dye wore out in the center hub area that writes the table of contents? But I’m seeing this behavior after only a few rewrites==not the thousands of rewrites we are supposed to be getting.

Any thoughts, ideas??? thanks.

Whilst they may be “Name Brands” they may also be “Landfill Manufacturers”. Check the MID for confirmation using DVD Identifier. Download the Alcohol 120% Trial. Its Erase Disc function has a Force erase as in: “ignore illegal table of contents” feature. This should work.

the thousands of rewrites
No Such thing. Hundreds Maybe. Blatant false advertising, but whose going to be around to make a complaint?

i have encountered the same issue. then, with trial & error, i learned to treat my DVD RWs with more respect. here’s what you do:

try to use the same burning software on the same disc ALWAYS, and use that same software to do the erasing.

never do a full erase unless absoulutely necessary.

to revive the dvd discs try

Thanks==I will try both products and report back. Just before I do==are there any “raw copy” programs that might be able to copy the recorded disks to my harddrive so I could save the data? I have tried several==dvd decrypter, IsoBuster, Dvd Data Recovery, and they all report “no media” but the disk was burned several times in the past so there is “data” there. There should be some program that would just copy whatever is there leaving the user to figure out the file structure etc?

Thanks. ((I don’t know why my google search didn’t turn those sites up>>??))

If your hardware doesnt recognise the disc in the drive, no software will be able to help.

Thanks pollushon==I thought that was “probably” the case- - but explain further. I have a burned disk==“data” is “there.” All the hardware works. It seems to me the issue is software? I certainly agree that once isobuster doesn’t see a disk, no other program does either. IsoBuster does sometimes see a disk that all the other programs can’t even see–happens about 10% of the time.

I don’t know this or think this, I’m just asking.- - eg, I’ll bet if the disk was a national secret that the fbi could recover it? (smile)…bobbo.

I have had the same problem a few times. The hardware is able to see and read media with data on it but is not able to erase or format. I am absolutely sure it is to do with drivers. I have also tried mant programs and no success. I will keep trying - since I resolved the problem a few times already. The problem is I did not keep a log of new installations and changes I made to the system. Some new install or some driver has caused the problem. If I get it resolved before you, I will let you know.
Good luck with yours.

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Do you have Alcohol or Deamon Tools installed?

If so, both have the option to hide the disc type - you need to change a setting if either one is installed.