DVD-RW Won't eject after reading

So, I put a dvd into the drive…just a bunch of video files on it, and i start to play one. after 15 seconds or so, it just stops playing, the media player throws an error, and when i try to eject via the button or the eject selection on the menu when you right click on the drive, it makes the drive light start flashing red, and it wont come out. the only solution is to use the manual ejection hole (that only results in getting the dvd out) or restarting the computer (normal functioning resumes).

It only seems to happen with some DVDS…and only sometimes. I’ve played whole files from that same dvd not long ago…
Actually, one thing that pops to mind is that the DVD that most recently caused this is a DVD-R, but the drive should be a DVD±RW… I burned this DVD FROM this drive.

Any ideas? Or at worst, any way to cause the drive to ‘reboot’ itself without rebooting the computer?

media player for playing dvds, lol.

Use a proper player, vlc, zoomplayer, elecard, just not that damn mp.

I said ‘media player’, not Windows Media Player…I know its a piece of junk. I use VLC for just about everything, especially anime.

Rather than suggesting a different player, any other ideas?