DVD+RW won't eject (after adding files)



I put a blank Fuji DVD+RW into the drive, went into Windows Explorer, right-clicked on my drive and chose InstantWrite DVD+RW Format and did a Quick Format. After it formatted the disc, it showed 4.37gb free. I right-clicked on the drive and chose Eject and nothing happened. I pressed the Eject button and nothing happened.

Previously, I tried adding 4.11gb of files to a DVD+RW disc after InstantWrite formatting. The files copied to the disc fine, but again, I had no way to eject the DVD. I was only able to eject while rebooting and then the files weren’t on the disc, although it showed only 260mb free space remaining.



  • I had Roxio’s DirectCD and Nero’s InCD installed, but when I began to experience problems, I uninstalled them both.
  • I’m using Herrie’s Free RPC 1 firmware 1.06 (08-01-2004) DOS

And now when I right-click the drive and choose InstantWrite DVD+RW Format, I’m prompted for File System and Volume (and which File System is the best?), but hitting Start gives me this error immediately: “An error occurred while formatting the medium.” It goes no further. This is on a blank Fuji DVD+RW.


reboot your system looks like that crap software locked your drive from windows.

imho i would never use ROXIO`s SOftware but thats just me .


I’ve rebooted countless times. It doesn’t make a bit of difference. Any other suggestions?


All right. It seems to be working now. I removed InstantWrite from my system (There was no uninstall program, so I manually deleted it from Program Files. It no longer appears in my task list.) and installed Nero’s InCD again. I’m now able to write to the DVD+RW disc, eject the disc, and view the files again when I put the disk back in the drive.

What do I need so I can read a DVD+RW in my regular DVD-ROM?


erm ? i dont think you need anything and if you do go to nero`s website software support and download the incd reader.

but i think thats only if you burned the dvd+RW with packet writeing software or i could be wrong there lol i never burn those types or dvd+RW`s


I went to the Nero site and installed the reader for InCD 4 but it didn’t work. When I put burned DVD-R or DVD+RW media in my DVD-ROM, it either doesn’t read the media, or, worse, completely freezes the computer.


Not all DVD-ROM drives support reading DVD+RW discs.
You may need to booktype the disc to DVD-ROM to increase compatibility.
If your DVD-ROM drive has a newer firmware, it might also help to update it.