DVD+RW with Booktype DVD-RW?


A friend gave me one of his DVD+RW Disks with Booktype DVD-RW!
He said he did that by accident with his NEC1100A@1300A.

I tried to change it to Booktype “DVD-Rom” with my NEC3540A (Dee’s 1.W9 RPC1), which automatically sets all Booktypes to DVD-Rom. I burned with Nero and Nero told me “Automatically setting Booktype to DVD-Rom”. But the result is still the DVD+RW with Booktype DVD-RW.

Is there a possibility to change it back?


Maybe a full erase?

With nec drives i don’t think you can …even with modded firmwares!!
Try on Benq or lite-on Drives

Try a full format/erase with DVDInfo.

AFAIK, it is possible with a Nec ND-2500 with older bitsetting firmwares (HP based, not Maddog based). I managed to change the booktype in DVD Info Pro [U]after[/U] a full erase.

I thought book types could only be set once, even though it is RW media?

Some drives are even able to modify the booktype on RW discs without changing the remaining data.

Thanks for your suggestions.

Well, we tried Full Erase with Nero which didn’t help at all.

My friend managed to change it back to “DVD+RW” with Alcohol 120%, Full Erase and Option like “Delete Booktype if possible” with his NEC3551A (@Dee’s 2.Y1/RPC1).

But if we burn it again with Nero, the Booktype will stay “DVD+RW”, even though the Firmware is set to “DVD-Rom” and Nero says “Setting Booktype automatically to DVD-Rom”.


Oh well…

Cf FAQ : On a NEC drive you must init the fonction for changing booktype on a dvd+rw. If you flashed your drive you must reinit the fonction. You must have a new dvd+rw :iagree: a blank one doesn’t do the job!!! :disagree: :frowning:

Sorry, I forgot to mention that. Of course we did that before (I read the FAQ before I posted here). The blank virgin DVD+RW was successfully booktyped to DVD-Rom.